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Yes Cash is a Spanish company belonging to the DFC Global Corp group, specialist in fast online mini credits around the world. Offer fast mini-credits of € 50 to € 800 to be returned within 30 days  in a simple, fast and total transparency, offering a virtual simulator with which you can calculate the interest and the total cost of the credit to request before sending your request. The main objective of Yes Cash is to provide a quick response to urgent short-term loan applications, offering a great customer service.

If what you need is to request fast loans, Yes Cash offers you the solution with loans that are requested in a simple, fast and without the need of paperwork, being able to have the money in your power in a matter of minutes.

How to apply for fast mini credits in Yes Cash?

How to apply for fast mini credits in Yes Cash?

To apply for quick mini online credits in Yes Cash, you just have to access their website here and indicate the amount to request and the desired return period. They will show you on screen the amount to be requested, the loan commission and the total amount to be paid within the expiration period. Once you accept your privacy policy and click on the following  button you will have to indicate your personal information and the bank account where the requested quick loan will be deposited. Finally you will have to indicate some additional data and validate your mobile phone, which will be the means by which they will contact you 

How do your mini quick credits work?

How do your mini quick credits work?

You can request fast mini credits online at Yes Cash 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can request € 50 to € 800 to return within 30 days. Keep in mind that the first loan you request will be a maximum of € 200 and the second of € 400. From the third loan you request you can get up to € 800 quickly and easily.

Your request will be answered as soon as possible, being the hours of service from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Your request is very simple and you can do it with a few clicks and by filling in the Yes Cash application form, you can have the money in your bank account in a matter of minutes.

Before applying for fast mini credits in Yes Cash, have a valid identity document (DNI or NIE), your mobile phone number that will be used to contact you and the bank account number, which will be where you receive the credit. You will have to send by email a copy of the DNI / NIE and the bank account card or a receipt where it appears.

Once you have sent the request they will contact you by email as soon as possible to send you the loan contract and the terms and conditions of the loan. Keep in mind that for the application to be approved you have to fulfill the loan requirements that we detail in the requirements section.

To return the requested loan you can do it through bank transfer. At the moment you request the loan they will send you the loan invoice by email, where they will indicate all the details of the loan return(amount and bank account number). You will be able to return the loan in advance to the repayment term of the same, paying only the interest of the days that you have in your power the money and if you return the money in the first 14 days you will not pay any additional cost.

What requirements have to comply?

What requirements have to comply?

The requirements that you have to meet to apply for quick mini credits in Yes Cash Spain are the following:

  • You must be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • You must be a resident in Spain and be in possession of an ID document or NIE. You will have to send a scanned copy of this document by email when making the request.
  • A bank account number in your name. You will have to send a copy of the document or a bank receipt by email when making the request.
  • Have a personal mobile phone, which will be used to contact you.
  • Have monthly minimum income of € 500.
  • Do not be in the Financial Credit Institutions / Equirts defaulter  registry.

It does not offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions, since it does not accept clients that are in these listings. If this is your situation we recommend that you try to leave Financial Credit Institutions as quickly as possible so that you get better loans and credits such as personal loans offered by banks.

Advantages of microcredits

Advantages of microcredits

The main advantage of Yes Cash’s quick microloans is the ease of your request, being able to do it completely online and in a matter of minutes, providing only your personal data. In addition, they will contact you quickly, indicating the acceptance of your application and the loan contract, with the terms and conditions to be fulfilled.

The customer is one of the strengths of Money Ok, having a customer phone where you can be contacted for any question, issue or question you may have. You can extend the loan that you request one more month if you need it, for this you will have to make a request to extend the term thereof and pay the amount of the commission for the first loan requested.

Another advantage is that the company works with total transparency, having a virtual simulator online where you can calculate the interest and the cost of the microcredit to request before making the request, knowing at all times how much you have to pay and when the term ends of the same. Finally, if you return the money before the indicated date you will only pay for the time you have had the money in your possession and if you return it in the first 14 days you will not pay any additional cost.

You can get more information on online mini fast loans and the best list of financial entities that offer them here. In this way you can get fast money for what you want without giving explanations or meet hardly any requirements.

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