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Yes Cash is a Spanish company belonging to the DFC Global Corp group, specialist in fast online mini credits around the world. Offer fast mini-credits of € 50 to € 800 to be returned within 30 days  in a simple, fast and total transparency, offering a virtual simulator with which you can calculate the interest and the total cost of the credit to request before sending your request. The main objective of Yes Cash is to provide a quick response to urgent short-term loan applications, offering a great customer service.

If what you need is to request fast loans, Yes Cash offers you the solution with loans that are requested in a simple, fast and without the need of paperwork, being able to have the money in your power in a matter of minutes.

How to apply for fast mini credits in Yes Cash?

How to apply for fast mini credits in Yes Cash?

To apply for quick mini online credits in Yes Cash, you just have to access their website here and indicate the amount to request and the desired return period. They will show you on screen the amount to be requested, the loan commission and the total amount to be paid within the expiration period. Once you accept your privacy policy and click on the following  button you will have to indicate your personal information and the bank account where the requested quick loan will be deposited. Finally you will have to indicate some additional data and validate your mobile phone, which will be the means by which they will contact you 

How do your mini quick credits work?

How do your mini quick credits work?

You can request fast mini credits online at Yes Cash 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can request € 50 to € 800 to return within 30 days. Keep in mind that the first loan you request will be a maximum of € 200 and the second of € 400. From the third loan you request you can get up to € 800 quickly and easily.

Your request will be answered as soon as possible, being the hours of service from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Your request is very simple and you can do it with a few clicks and by filling in the Yes Cash application form, you can have the money in your bank account in a matter of minutes.

Before applying for fast mini credits in Yes Cash, have a valid identity document (DNI or NIE), your mobile phone number that will be used to contact you and the bank account number, which will be where you receive the credit. You will have to send by email a copy of the DNI / NIE and the bank account card or a receipt where it appears.

Once you have sent the request they will contact you by email as soon as possible to send you the loan contract and the terms and conditions of the loan. Keep in mind that for the application to be approved you have to fulfill the loan requirements that we detail in the requirements section.

To return the requested loan you can do it through bank transfer. At the moment you request the loan they will send you the loan invoice by email, where they will indicate all the details of the loan return(amount and bank account number). You will be able to return the loan in advance to the repayment term of the same, paying only the interest of the days that you have in your power the money and if you return the money in the first 14 days you will not pay any additional cost.

What requirements have to comply?

What requirements have to comply?

The requirements that you have to meet to apply for quick mini credits in Yes Cash Spain are the following:

  • You must be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • You must be a resident in Spain and be in possession of an ID document or NIE. You will have to send a scanned copy of this document by email when making the request.
  • A bank account number in your name. You will have to send a copy of the document or a bank receipt by email when making the request.
  • Have a personal mobile phone, which will be used to contact you.
  • Have monthly minimum income of € 500.
  • Do not be in the Financial Credit Institutions / Equirts defaulter  registry.

It does not offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions, since it does not accept clients that are in these listings. If this is your situation we recommend that you try to leave Financial Credit Institutions as quickly as possible so that you get better loans and credits such as personal loans offered by banks.

Advantages of microcredits

Advantages of microcredits

The main advantage of Yes Cash’s quick microloans is the ease of your request, being able to do it completely online and in a matter of minutes, providing only your personal data. In addition, they will contact you quickly, indicating the acceptance of your application and the loan contract, with the terms and conditions to be fulfilled.

The customer is one of the strengths of Money Ok, having a customer phone where you can be contacted for any question, issue or question you may have. You can extend the loan that you request one more month if you need it, for this you will have to make a request to extend the term thereof and pay the amount of the commission for the first loan requested.

Another advantage is that the company works with total transparency, having a virtual simulator online where you can calculate the interest and the cost of the microcredit to request before making the request, knowing at all times how much you have to pay and when the term ends of the same. Finally, if you return the money before the indicated date you will only pay for the time you have had the money in your possession and if you return it in the first 14 days you will not pay any additional cost.

You can get more information on online mini fast loans and the best list of financial entities that offer them here. In this way you can get fast money for what you want without giving explanations or meet hardly any requirements.

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How to Apply for and Obtain a Loan if you are Complained or Bad Payers

How to apply for and get a loan if you are complained or bad payers? The need to have liquidity in a more or less urgent manner clashes with the prudence of financial companies and credit institutions in providing money to those who have had reports of having issued debt securities subsequently protested, or of not having paid the installments of a previous loan. This means that loans for protesters and bad payers require rather strong guarantees so that the banks or the financial companies grant the capital, at least until they are reported to be in the archives such as the end-to-end knowledge company or the Register of Protests, where known negative information emerges on applicants, preventing normal access to credit. However, the financing solutions are not lacking, and in this essential guide we will see what can be achieved by asking for loans for bad payers and protested.

The fifth assignment for public employees and retirees

The simplest way to see loans given to protesters and bad payers is to offer as a guarantee a certain and demonstrable income, expressed by the pay slip for employees with permanent contracts, and the pension check for pensioners: thanks to this guarantee it is possible to obtain the assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension. The fact that a fifth assignment can be granted to protesters and bad payers, while a classic personal loan does not, derives from the direct withholding of up to one fifth of the revenue received each month, which is paid directly by the employer or pension institution to the financial company, which thus has the guarantee of depreciation. In addition there is the presence of an insurance policy that can intervene in the event of events that may affect repayment, such as early death.

The sale of the fifth is therefore the most sustainable form of loan to protesters and bad payers, but it is reserved only to a specific category of subjects, or those who have paycheck or pension slip to offer as a guarantee of income.

The characteristics of the sale of the fifth

In this diagram we summarize the characteristics of the fifth sale, the advantages and peculiarities of this type of financing, which are:

  • Direct withholding of the repayment installment of up to 20 per cent of salary or pension
  • Duration of the amortization plans between 24 and 120 months
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No guarantor required
  • No proof of expenditure
  • Possibility to request a capital advance
  • Possibility of disbursement also with other loans in progress
  • Provision also for protesters and bad payers
  • Possibility to have an advance on the total sum
  • Compulsory insurance for pensioners, but depending on the institution it could also be for workers reported in the registers, where it is normally optional

How to request a fifth assignment

To apply for a loan by means of a fifth assignment, the requisites already described above must be met (for pensioners, a certain age limit must not be exceeded, depending on the chosen budget), and a series of documents must be presented to start the preliminary phase, namely:

  • Copy of a valid identity document
  • Tax code or health card
  • The last or the last two copies of the income document (pay slip for employees, pension slip or credit of the pension in c / c for pensioners)
  • Single Certification (former CUD) for employees

After presenting the documents, a phase that can take place directly in the branch or even online depending on the possibilities offered by the individual credit institution, the sum of money following the stipulation of the contract can also be paid out within 48 hours. It will be the responsibility of the bank or financial institution to inform the employer or pension institution of the transfer that will result in the direct withholding of emoluments received each month by the holder of the loan.

Debt consolidation with the sale of the fifth

Debt consolidation with the sale of the fifth

There is another funding opportunity for employees and retired bad payers, or debt consolidation, to be always requested by salary or pension assignment. What is it? This is a particular type of financing in which the applicant can combine all the previous loans in a single installment, a lighter and more sustainable installment which expands the amortization period, and with the possibility of requesting additional additional liquidity.

If it is true that on average the interest rate is higher than a normal loan, to be attractive and convenient it must still be lower than the sum of the previous loans, in any case the advice is to evaluate the various estimates to understand where you can save money. more. We remind you that not all financial companies could agree to provide a debt consolidation to protesters and bad payers, but the guarantee of the pay slip or pension could allow the go-ahead for the loan, opting for the salary assignment as a method of repayment.

How to apply for loans for self-employed bad payers

The situation is obviously more complicated for the self-employed and the protested freelancers and bad payers who want to get a loan despite the report to the end-to-end knowledge company or to the Register of Protests. Not being able to count on the guarantee of the pay slip or social security check, it is not possible to obtain the fifth assignment, but a credit institution could evaluate a loan in the following ways:

  • Loan with guarantor
  • Mortgage loan on the house
  • Loan with pledged assets
  • Loan with alternative annuities
  • Loan with bills of exchange

Let’s see in detail how these alternative financing methods work and what they involve, in which the self-employed worker is required to strengthen guarantees to get around the obstacle of reporting as a bad payer.

Loan with guarantor

Loan with guarantor

The relatively simplest way to request from a self-employed worker a loan to bad payers and protesters is to present themselves to a credit institution or a finance company with a guarantor for a surety: the guarantor in fact is a third co-obligated figure who is able to replacing the principal holder of the loan in the payment of the amortization installments in the event of a shortfall, and should be a sufficient guarantee for those who provide the money, under certain conditions. In fact, assuming that the bank or financial company agrees to finance a loan with guarantor, the necessary condition is that this third figure demonstrates a solid balance sheet through a certain and demonstrable income, so that it is able to make the amortization of the loan sustainable in case of replacement of the holder of the loan in the event of failure to pay the installments, but is not the only one an indispensable requirement: in fact, the guarantor’s creditworthiness is equally decisive, if not even more so, so there must be no protests and notifications of any kind. If, in turn, the guarantor has received reports as a bad payer, it will be impossible to grant the go-ahead for financing, and the fact that they are not in the archives at all, or if the guarantor has never requested a loan before without being spent certificate cannot in fact assess the subject’s reliability.

How to apply for a mortgage loan on the property

How to apply for a mortgage loan on the property

In the absence of a third figure as guarantor, attempts can be made to request starting from the guarantee of real assets, as can be made available to a real estate owned through a mortgage: the mortgage on the house is a real right guarantee that does not entail the loss of possession of the asset by the owner, but is advised by the experts only for large loans. Indeed some banks or financial institutions do not accept this form of guarantee especially for small amounts, since in this context the value of the loan would be far lower than that of the mortgaged property, making redemption of the capital paid in case of failure to pay any installment.

Ask for a loan with pledged assets

Ask for a loan with pledged assets

Another way to try to get a sum of money by pledging real assets, is the possibility of requesting credit against a pledge of property assets such as jewelery, for example. The method of financing is very simple: once it is verified that a financial date accepts the loan with a pledge, an appraisal of the asset is carried out to establish its value, and once the amount is fixed, it is disbursed in the form of money to the applicant: the debtor returns to possess the asset at the end of the amortization, paying the classic installments every month, but in the case in who is not able to redeem the asset, the financial company is entitled to auction the asset, in order to regain the capital provided.

Make alternatives to guarantee the loan

Make alternatives to guarantee the loan

In the absence of tangible assets or properties to be subjected to a guarantee, another attempt that can be made by self-protesters to obtain a loan is to offer alternative annuities, such as a tied-up capital that guarantees a certain annual interest, or a regularly registered rent of a property, to request a small amount of capital from a financial company or credit institution. In any case, the credit institution claims that the applicant demonstrates during the preliminary investigation that he can continue to be the holder of the annuity in question for the entire repayment period agreed with the financial company, otherwise it will not be possible to disburse the loan.

Loan changed

Loan changed

For those who are with their backs to the wall, short of viable financial alternatives, the extreme attempt that can be made thanks to the financial institutions that supply them is a loan request with bills, where bills of exchange are issued instead of the repayment installments executive debt instruments that must be signed by the debtor and on which a stamp must be affixed, and which serve to honor the amortization of the debt. Unlike the installments of a normal loan, in the event of non-payment of even a single bill, the creditor is allowed to foreclose the debtor’s assets for an amount equal to what was agreed without the need for a conviction or an injunction to pay..

The loan has very high interest rates, but is usually paid also to protesters and bad payers: another fundamental difference with respect to the classic amortization rate is that it is possible to postpone the repayment date affixed to the bill, subject to an agreement between the debtor and creditor.

Sector financing

Sector financing

Among self-employed workers there are various categories ranging from entrepreneurs to artisans to merchants, and in case of difficulty in accessing credit because they are protested or reported as bad payers, we suggest that you seek information from trade associations or agencies local to see if there are opportunities for sector funding, such as the Artigiancassa credit institution for artisans or the microcredit agency for merchants. It is worthwhile to make an attempt to perhaps succeed in obtaining a small loan and to face expenses related to one’s own work activity.

Small credit opportunities

There are several financial companies and credit institutions that offer small loan opportunities among their financial products, which, as can be clearly seen from the name, represent modest loans, which in many cases take the form of a real line of credit can be activated with the ownership of a current account, or in the form of a rechargeable card. Let’s talk about light amounts generally between a minimum of 500 euros and a maximum of 5,000 euros, which are repaid in sustainable installments of 50, 100 euros a month, and with very short repayment plans.

Are small loan forms possible for protesters and bad payers ? There is no single answer in this sense, and it is necessary to go and ask the bank or financial institution where you intend to request, or rely on an expert consultant who can suggest the feasibility of such an operation. What we can say is that certainly the levels of insolvency risk are lowered considerably compared to a normal loan, so that more openings to get the go-ahead for financing are concrete for those who, as freelancers and self-employed workers reported in the registers urgently seek liquidity for solve small problems. The financial companies can in fact amortize more the risks of insolvency to these figures, but in any case it is necessary to get information from the single institution to understand how many chances there are for obtaining a small loan.


Loan for terrace construction – with desired rate & low interest rate

If you want to expand your terrace, you usually can not afford this from financial reserves. A loan for terraced construction is being considered. Who owns a property and would like to grow a terrace on the come to considerable costs. Costs that can only be paid with a loan for terrace construction.

It is possible to apply for a modernization loan or an installment loan.

The construction of a terrace home

The construction of a terrace home

Credit for terrace construction – unbureaucratic – without land register

Finally you have moved into your dream house and you are satisfied, but it lacks a terrace. A terrace that can be entered directly from the living room or from the kitchen. There are several possibilities for this. The terrace can be built of stone or wood, with or without a substructure.

It should be so much space that at least an outdoor dining table and chairs find space. Several chairs and planters should come to a halt. You can roof a terrace, but it is also without a roof. There is no need to obtain permission from the Building Department if the terrace is not higher than 1 m.

Only 1 m above the plot height requires a registration at the building office. If you are not sure whether your terrace construction has to be registered, you should consult the building office.

Modernization loan – credit for terraced construction

Modernization loan - credit for terraced construction

With a modernization loan one should note that this shows special features. Thus, the credit for the terrace construction is earmarked, which means that it may only be used for this particular purpose.

The intended use is recorded in the loan agreement. Although the work in question is explained at the bank meeting, it is not part of the credit agreement.

If the loan amount is used for the construction of the terrace, the customer can freely dispose of the credit limit. However, the earmarking of the loan for the terrace construction also has positive aspects. The interest rate for the loan for terraced construction is far below that of the installment loan. However, the modernization loan will only be given to real estate owners.

A tenant would in any case not be authorized, without the owner’s consent, to make structural changes to the property. Therefore a tenant will not receive this loan.

Is own capital important for the credit for terraced construction?

Is own capital important for the credit for terraced construction?

When a higher loan amount is requested, some banks require the borrower to provide equity. So a certain sum of the estimated costs should be paid out of pocket. The rest can then be financed with a loan for terrace construction. Equity of about 20 to 30% is required.

If the terrace construction costs 25,000 euros, it should have a share of about 5,000 to 7,500 euros. Further protection is usually not required by the bank. However, it may be that with a higher loan amount an entry in the land register should be made. Such a land registry can prove beneficial for the borrower. He then receives a favorable interest rate. This should be a reason to think about proposing to the bank a voluntary entry in the land register, even if it incurs additional costs.

Pros and cons – credit for terraced construction

Pros and cons - credit for terraced construction

Anyone who applies for a modernization loan can benefit from a favorable interest rate, and that is where earmarking comes into play. Also, the duration can be chosen variable.

An entry in the land register creates an additional hedge, which lowers the interest rate. As a disadvantage can be considered that the credit can not be used freely, because there is a purpose limitation. If the bank demands equity, the liquidity is reduced. Also, registration in the land register incurs additional costs.

Calculation, application, disbursement – credit for the terraced construction

Calculation, application, disbursement - credit for the terraced construction

Anyone applying for a modernization loan should keep a close eye on the costs. This is important to determine the need for capital, on the other hand, banks without restructuring plan will not give credit.

Similarly, a credit comparison should be made with a loan calculator. This allows the borrower to look for a cheap lender. In the comparison simply the loan amount and the desired term is entered. As purpose of use “modernization” should be registered.

Immediately, the borrower will see a list of providers, with the best leading the list. With a modernization loan, banks provide loan sums of 10,000 to 50,000 euros. The term varies from 12 to 120 months.

Interest loan for terrace construction

Interest loan for terrace construction

Borrowers should make sure that the loan installments are set to fit the monthly budget. It should then be searched for a suitable term an affordable credit.

An extended term, however, raises the interest rate. Interest rates can vary widely.

Customers often have to reckon with an interest rate of about 2.75% to 10.99%. The borrower should be aware that an extension of the term also increases the interest rate on the loan for terrace construction.

Equally important is that since 2014 banks may no longer charge a processing fee. Basically, banks stick to it, but the customer should check that. When a credit comparison is made, not only the interest rate should be the focus, but also other factors such as special repayments.

Credit terms – credit for terraced construction

Credit terms - credit for terraced construction

Just as with all other loans, care should also be taken in the modernization loan to ensure that special repayments are included in the credit agreement. Special repayments are additional payments to the loan amount within one year.

Especially the employee who receives special payments during the year, should pay attention, if he wants to pay these sums on his credit. If a loan is to be redeemed before its expiration, the bank can charge a prepayment penalty.

If special repayments are allowed, this compensation is waived. Banks allow about 10% of the loan amount as a special payment annually. Thus, a loan for terraced construction paid faster, without any disadvantages to the customer.

Credit for terrace construction – alternative to the modernization loan?

Credit for terrace construction - alternative to the modernization loan?

A modernization loan covers all aspects of a client who wants to keep his property in order. Nevertheless, it may be useful to look for a different form of credit.

Especially when the loan amount is not too high. Thus, borrowers are well advised with a installment loan without earmarking.

Although the interest rate is slightly higher, but the credit can be used freely. Again, can be searched for a suitable provider with a credit comparison.

Payday loan consolidation

Payday loan: 4000 euro credit

A 4000 euro loan is offered by many banks. The maturities and the monthly loan rates are very different. Due to the large number of offers, it is advisable to make a comparison and only then to decide on a loan.

Credit Comparison 

4000 euros is a loan amount that is very often in demand. There are many consumer goods that can be financed with it. For example, one might think of a direction of home or a used car. In the latter case, you can take out a car loan that is expressly earmarked. Other installment credits are usually available at leisure.

In a credit comparison, you should include as many banks as possible. You have essentially two options. You can study the offers of various banks at your location or use a credit comparison portal on the Internet. The last-mentioned variant has a whole series of advantages. Thus, a comparison on the Internet is much faster and you will receive significantly more offers presented, which you can compare in peace with each other. Ideally, you use a comparison calculator that is integrated into many credit comparison portals. Here you only have to enter the desired loan amount, the purpose, the duration and the amount of the monthly loan installment. Then you not only get a list of banks and private lenders offering a $ 4,000 loan,

credit conditions

If you would like to receive a loan from a German bank, you must be able to prove that you have a regular income on the one hand and positive private credit information on the other hand. If only one of these two conditions is not met, it becomes difficult with the credit. A rejection is often the result, if the income is insufficient or if there are negative private credit entries. In this case you do not have to give up your request for a 4000 euro credit, but can look for an alternative. Among other things, you have the option of contacting a private credit intermediary who can help you find a suitable loan for you. Even private or foreign lenders who do not request private credit information are eligible as potential lenders.

The credit requirements are sometimes considerably different. This applies not least to private lenders who can come from their own friends, relatives or friends. There is also the option of obtaining a personal loan through a credit intermediation portal on the Internet. Private lenders can largely decide for themselves under what conditions they would like to grant credit.

Banks, savings banks and cooperative banks

All banks based in Germany require a private credit information from their customers. This is true not only if you have a installment loan but also if you want to get a credit line on the checking account. private credit information is an important criterion by which the creditworthiness of the customer can be assessed. It is always obtained after a loan application has been received by the bank.

If a loan of 4,000 euros can be approved, the bank pays out the loan in one amount. This means that you will receive the full amount of money in your checking account. The repayment begins at the time that has been contractually agreed. Uniform monthly repayment installments must be paid over the entire term. The final rate may well be different from the other rates.

dealer loans

dealer loans

Dealer loans can be taken in the dealership, in the furniture store or at a comparable institution. Here larger consumer goods are financed directly by the provider and not by the bank. This has the advantage that a 4000 euro loan can often be given on very favorable terms and with low interest rates. Under certain and temporary special promotions, even zero-percent financing may be possible.

The requirements for personal creditworthiness are often slightly lower for a dealer loan than for a bank loan. This is essentially due to the fact that the € 4,000 loan is a concrete value and that the goods remain the property of their dealer until they are fully paid by the customer.

Foreign loans and personal loans

Foreign loans and personal loans

Foreign banks can grant a 4000 Euro credit to Germans if they meet the requirements. Abroad, a private credit information does not matter. For this reason, income is often the only criterion that can be used to assess creditworthiness. It must necessarily result from a job and be paid regularly. In addition, it should have a height of at least 1100 euros per month. Otherwise, there is not enough room for payment of monthly loan installments. The statutory seizure free limit must be exceeded with the income in any case. This is the condition that the bank can access the income if the borrower falls significantly behind with the payment of monthly loan installments.


Loans on the Internet – Description (24-hour loans)

What are loans over the internet

Universal access to the Internet has changed the world we know. This applies to virtually all areas of life, including those related to finances. This is especially important when it comes to borrowing, because today you can do it online without a problem! Let’s check what the loans are online , what are their types and see if it is easy to get such help.

Modern ways of borrowing

Modern ways of borrowing

Sure – even before the advent of the Internet – some people dreamed that if it was, if you did not have to go to a bank or a non-bank institution for a loan, because all the formalities can be done at home. Perhaps those who thought so, did not think that it would become a reality. Today, after all, online loans are something normal, so everyone can take advantage of them. We do not have to waste time visiting the headquarters, everything is done efficiently, comfortably and with the observance of safety rules.

For whom? What are the requirements?

For whom? What are the requirements?


Online loans – as we mentioned – are actually available to everyone. This is sometimes the last resort for people who need fast, reliable support. You do not have to wait for money for a long time, because they often appear on your account within 15 minutes of submitting the application.
The most popular are short-term payday loans, which are granted for 30-60 days, and sometimes 90 days. Other willingly selected are installment loans (we will write more about both at the moment). To get them you do not need much effort: it is enough to first set up a customer account in a company of your choice. After completing the basic data, we will be asked for a list of income. And here, unlike in banks, we do not have to have a contract for an indefinite period, because other sources (for example contracts for a work) are respected. Once we have been verified, we can expect payment to your account. As you can see, this is a minimum of formalities and many benefits!
Short-term loans – when is it worth?

Non-bank short – term loans – as mentioned above – are very popular, and this state is not surprising, because you can get the necessary financial resources in an instant. And it is worth trying not to do it when we “need an injection” when we are in a difficult situation, because we need money, we do not have much, but the bill must match etc. In all these situations, such a fast cash is at a premium gold.

Loan on installments – for longer

Loan on installments - for longer

In this situation, we borrow for a long time and naturally it is a higher amount. Established installments are so beneficial that we have no problem to pay off the commitment. And how trouble arises, in the vast majority of companies there is the possibility of extending the repayment period. Of course, for an additional fee. It is known that everyone can tuck up the leg, but there is nothing to break down, because we gain time to catch up. That’s why online loans in installments are now such popular offers.

Wise lending

Wise lending

Always – regardless of whether we borrow a small amount for a short time or more for several months – we must do it sensibly, analyzing our capabilities. The basic principle is obvious: what is borrowed must be given away and there is no chance for any deviations. We must be sure that we will be able to repay the loan.
Remember this because easy availability of money can obscure some of the reality, and hence the easy way to unnecessary trouble. As we mentioned, let’s repeat it again: let’s borrow, having a head on the back of the neck, that is, knowing why, with a clear repayment plan. It’s the most important!


Continuous loan

Image result for loan

If you expect to need extra money for an extended period of time, you can opt to take out a revolving loan. For example, to pay for your child’s study. What a revolving loan is, what its specifics are and the advantages and disadvantages we have selected for you.

What is a revolving loan?

Continuous loan is also called DK by the financial world. A revolving loan is a loan, where you can withdraw the agreed maximum amount in one go, or in parts. So for example when you expect to need money, but do not know exactly how much. Or if you want to be able to cope with unforeseen expenses.

This loan form, in contrast to mortgage loan, falls into the consumer loan category. Just like a personal loan or purchase on installment. It is therefore intended for the purchase of consumer goods, such as a car, stuff for the baby room, study books or a new television.

For whom is a revolving loan convenient?

A revolving loan can be useful for people who know that they need a regular and recurring money. Consider, for example, the study of your daughter, of which you do not yet know how much you actually need. The minimum and maximum term for a revolving loan differ per lender.

Do you prefer more certainty about the term or the interest ? Then a revolving loan is less suitable for you. Or do you already know exactly what you want to spend and are you not planning to withdraw money after that? Then you might also be better off choosing another type of loan.

The loan amount with a revolving loan

Together with the lender you agree on a maximum loan amount. You can decide to withdraw the amount in one go, for example because you need everything for the construction of your new garden. Or, if you first need a part for the study of your daughter to purchase the study books, you can also record a part. With many lenders it is true that after a certain age you get a lower loan limit, so that the outstanding amount is repaid at a certain age.

Image result for loanThe theoretical term with revolving loan

As soon as you withdraw the money, or part of it, you start paying off. The repayment amount is at least 1% of the loan amount and is calculated on the basis of a theoretical term, for example 60 months. The term is theoretical, because you can withdraw money every time until your loan limit has been reached and can be repaid in the interim.

Suppose you have a loan for € 5,000 and you have used € 2,000 of that, you can always withdraw the remaining € 3,000 at any time. Did you use the full € 5,000, but did you also pay off € 2,000 again? Then you can also withdraw the redeemed € 2,000 if you need it. So you can imagine that a revolving loan can go through a long time.

If you want to redeem the loan earlier and faster, you can opt to deposit an extra amount in addition to the monthly payment on your revolving loan. You can do this without penalty. That is not the case with all other forms of lending. So do you have a little more to spend? Then you might consider paying off some extra in the meantime.

Variable interest rates with a revolving loan

As with any loan form, you pay interest on your revolving loan. With a revolving loan the interest is always variable. This means that your interest can vary each month. You pay a fixed amount to the repayment every month, but the interest component can therefore vary monthly in terms of height. As a result, it is not possible to say in advance how long you will be willing to pay off your loan. Because with low interest rates it will go faster than with a high interest rate. You also have your own hands when you have completely repaid your loan. If you withdraw an amount over and over again, this goes slower than if you withdraw an amount once and then redeem.

The interest is determined with a revolving loan on the basis of:

  • The purchase costs of the loan passed through;
  • Profit margin storage;
  • The risk storage;
  • The maximum amount of the loan to be withdrawn;
  • The amount of the loan.

If one of the above items changes in height, your lender may also change the interest. It is therefore an uncertain form of borrowing, you never know in advance what it will do. Does the interest change? Then this will be communicated to you.

Image result for loanMonthly amount of a revolving loan

The monthly amount of a revolving loan always consists of repayment and interest. Is the interest high? Then you pay more interest and you pay less. This ensures that the term of the repayment is also longer. And vice versa, at lower interest rates you pay less interest and your redemption part is larger.

Benefits of a revolving loan

If in certain situations you occasionally need some extra money, a revolving loan can be useful. The other benefits:

  • It is flexible, because you do not have to include the entire amount of loan in one go and you can also re-enter the redeemed part.
  • You only pay interest on the part you have recorded, so not on the entire amount if you did not include it.
  • If you no longer want loan, you can always repay the revolving loan free of charge in one go or in parts.

Disadvantages of a revolving loan

Every advantage also has its disadvantage. It is wise to keep this in mind also, if you plan to take out a revolving loan.

  • Many people never complete a continuous loan. It is very tempting to constantly have extra money at your disposal. People often take back the redeemed amount or part of it later.
  • You do not know exactly in advance how long you are paying off, because of the varying interest rate, the amount that you pay off monthly varies. The higher the interest rate, the smaller the monthly repayment part.
  • You can not deduct the interest from the tax, as opposed to the interest on a personal loan, under certain conditions.

For people who prefer security on a loan, a revolving loan is not so suitable.

Image result for loanPay a revolving loan

If you have paid the remaining outstanding amount of the revolving loan and will no longer use it in the future, you must cancel the revolving loan. You do this in writing, also mention your contract number. You will then receive a confirmation and an overview of the interest paid for the current year. The interest still due is automatically debited and the loan is canceled at the BKR .

What happens in case of death and the outstanding debt of the revolving loan?

You probably do not want to think about it, but what happens to your outstanding debt of your revolving loan when you die? You do not want your children to be the victim of it. It differs per loan provider how it is handled. For example, there is the possibility to take out a ‘Survivor protection’ via your intermediary. The survivors are then, under certain conditions, protected against your outstanding debt. The maximum amount that is waived is fixed, so it may be that your survivors still have to pay an amount. These options do not apply to all lenders, so it is always good to be informed before you close the loan.

The survivors must always report the death to the lender. The lender is a loanor after the death. This may not recover the debts within the first 3 months. That is regulated by law. For example, your children or partner will not be ‘bothered’ by the lender with the amount still to be paid.

Image result for loanInsight into your revolving loan

With a revolving loan you can quickly lose the overview. How many have you already included, how much have you already paid off and how much can you still withdraw? Fortunately, you receive an overview every month or quarter, depending on your provider. This indicates the loan margin, the total interest paid over the current year, the paid monthly installments, interest and the outstanding balance. And when the year is over, you get an overview in the new year of your total interest paid for the year.

Convert your ongoing loan

A high interest rate often applies to many revolving loans. Do you want to make sure you pay a lower interest rate on your loan? Our financial assistants from the current loans / loans department are happy to help you to see if you can save. That way they can convert the loan for you into a loan with lower interest rates. They can also provide you with expert advice, so you know that it is well organized!



Loans for New Employees How to do? 3 Ways to Get It! Request It Now!

Loans for New Employees

Loans to new hires, an easy way to get new liquidity! Outcome in 24 hours.
If you want a new loan and do not have the possibility of a guarantor, the loan for new recruits offers you the possibility of obtaining a new availability of money to meet your needs. If you are just hired and would like to receive more information and a free estimate, fill out the form and within a few moments you will be contacted by one of our consultants.

Do you have any doubt to clarify or do you want answers concerning your position? Write us a comment in the space at the end of this article.

Newly recruited Loan: fixed time and indeterminate time

Newly recruited Loan: fixed time and indeterminate time

Getting a loan with a recent hire is never easy. We can classify three types of customers:

  • who has never made loans (not registered)
  • who is a good payer
  • who has negative reports for late payments

In all 3 cases the type of employment contract plays a strategic role, so whether for a fixed or an indefinite period. Let’s see how these two conditions are combined.

  • temporary contract : regardless of length of service, or the number of months of employment, an employee hired with a fixed-term contract (determined) will always need a guarantor, or a second signature that endorses his request for funding.
  • indefinite contract : the guarantor is not always essential, as specified in the next paragraph of this article.

We therefore realize that making a fixed-term payroll is strictly linked to a second signature. But what happens if the first applicant is reported in Crif or otherwise in the databases for late payment? Let’s find out together.

Loans to Newly recruited Determined with alerts

Loans to Newly recruited Determined with alerts

Marina contacted us and wrote:

Hi, do I have a fixed-term contract can I apply for a loan even if I have been reported for a Fiditalia loan?

In this case, unfortunately, without solutions, there are no solutions to date. In the presence of problems in credit systems, access to credit for a worker translates into transfer of the fifth or delegated payment or loan. All these loans provide for the repayment of the installments by deduction on the paycheck. The figure of the guarantor is therefore not necessary.

But if I have a fixed-term contract? In this case the solution is to await the transformation indefinitely. A second signature, even if an excellent payer, will not help.

Loans to Permanent Loans

This type of contract, even if part time, opens a different scenario; a customer interested in financing can proceed with a single signature even if:

  • uncensored, that is, if he has never made loans in the past
  • bad payer
  • protested or distraught
  • too much indebted

It is therefore evident that this condition is clearly advantageous, but let’s see together what are the minimum conditions to be met:

  • minimum length of work
  • type of company in which you work

Is it possible to obtain loans with a 6-month contract ? Regarding the length of work and the type of company, to obtain a loan are necessary contracts of 6 months if employee of a Spa, Srl, Cooperative with at least 16 employees, 24 months if employees of an individual firm, sas, snc.

NB: calculation of the date of employment

The 6 months refer to the date indicated in the payroll as an assumption, not to the permanent transformation. For example:

  • Mario: hiring on a pay slip 01/09/2017 – permanent transformation 01/02/2018 = calculation of the hiring date at 01/03/2018 = 6 months
  • Luca: hiring on a pay slip 01/09/2017 – permanent transformation 01/12/2017 = calculation of the hiring date at 01/03/2018 = 6 months

New employee loans without guarantor

New employee loans without guarantor

As we have seen before, the figure of the guarantor, if we talk about personal loans, can play a strategic role as long as the first applicant is not reported in the database.

But who does not have a second signature? Are there solutions for those without a guarantor? As mentioned in the previous paragraphs yes, but the advice is to proceed:

  • with a personal loan request if you are a good payer, then already present in the databases as good customers. The important
    • do not be over-indebted
    • wait at least 12 months from the date of the last loan obtained.
  • with assignment of the fifth for new employees as long as:
    • hired for a minimum of 6 months
    • with a permanent contract.

Are you a bad payer?

Are you a bad payer?

If employees of a Srl, SpA, Cooperative with more than 16 employees, even if newly hired, you can get the loan to newly hired employees. The assignment of the fifth new recruiter is the practical, easy and safe solution to obtain new liquidity.

Minimum requirements for employees of private companies

  • srl, spa, cooperatives with a minimum of 16 employees
  • minimum 6 month hiring
  • permanent contract
  • provision of severance pay in the company, at a fund
  • are excluded : apprenticeship contracts and tfr cash settlement in payroll (quir)

For public and state employees, 3 months of employment are sufficient.

If employed by a private company, the aforementioned minimum requirements are essential. Fernando from Brescia contacted us, writing to us:

Good morning, my name is Fernando and I live in the province of Brescia. I can not get a personal loan because I am in Crif for a Compass loan and a badly-paid Agos credit card. I have been employed for 5 months in a spa with over 300 employees. I’m interested in a fifth assignment for new Findomestic employees, but I’m having difficulty because they tell me I do not have enough seniority. Can you help me? Are there loans just taken ? Can I make the transfer of the fifth just hired ?

In this case we had to wait one month, so as to satisfy the requirement of the minimum 6 months of recruitment. Fernando has obtained new liquidity, for a slightly lower amount than his needs, but he has also managed to carry out his projects.

Loans for new employees, why choose Financemm?

Loans for new employees, why choose Financemm?

We are a credit brokerage company regularly registered in the OAM n M359 register. Our role is to broker loans and loans, that is, we find a list of active financial with our company, the best personalized offer according to your needs.

Unlike a bank or a loan agency, which only offer their products, we are interested in identifying the most convenient solution, without favoring one institution over another.

How does it work?

First you must fill out the contact form on our site; after a few minutes you will receive a call from us and you will talk to a consultant to analyze the real feasibility of your request. Obtained a simulation and a personalized estimate, you will arrange an appointment directly at home with one of our collaborators.

Where do you live? Rome, Savona, Florence, Naples, Milan, Palermo, Cagliari, Belluno, Taranto or Ancona ? Well, we are also present in your city. Our network is active throughout the national territory.

Working age for loans

Working age for loans

When starting a new job (new employees) can you get a loan after the second paycheck?
Usually the loans are granted on the basis of seniority then only after the second paycheck, but often the signature of a guarantor is appreciated. If you do not know who to ask for help, the personal loan to employees will allow you to carry out your projects even if you are new.

The factor of seniority is not the only binding point for the issue of a loan.
It also depends on the rules and underwriting criteria of the various financial companies. In fact, if a financial company accepts the request for financing, it is not said that another financial company will do the same. The previous activity and work experience will also be the guarantor. If, in fact, before a new job was hired by a company and had a seniority of service, then the loan request will be easier and more plausible.

It remains to keep in mind your history at the database. It will therefore be important to see if you are already supported or if you have personal loans in progress. If your financial situation is good then it will be very likely to get a loan even for fairly large amounts. If, on the other hand, there is no historicity, the same can be requested for loans for sums not raised and at most one can ask for support from someone who acts as guarantor.