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There is so much to admire in the'' weight of water,'' churning adaptation of Kathryn Bigelow's novel by Anita Shreve, that when the film finally falls over at the end of the game, it leaves you disappointed in the position to pick up his scattered pieces and assemble them as best we can.

Those pieces tossed into the air during the final film, unbridled inflow of blood and water which is formed with two films in parallel stories, one set at the present time, the other in 1873. Although these stories have to bounce off each other in stimulating ways, they never mesh.

The current thread follows the sexual tension between the four passengers on board a pleasure craft off the coast of New Hampshire, as they face down on the approaching shtorm.Bolee consistent thread of history remembers the ax murder of two young women, a Norwegian immigrant, in 1873 and the conviction and execution of work for these crimes.

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